Pensionize Your Nest Egg Income annuities Pension CANNEX SPIA SPDA. 4 Oct There are only so many ways to save money and perfect your asset allocation. When I heard about Pensionize Your Nest Egg, I got excited. 1 Jun There are two central messages of the book Pensionize Your Nest Egg, by Moshe Milevsky and Alexandra Macqueen. The first is that having.

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Greg June 2, at I have not read the book and from the review I guess I will not. In a worst case scenario, sell the house notwithstanding. Pensionize Your Nest Egg: Chapter 16 Step 5: If you live a long time past average, you make out well. All this makes me yearn for a well-run tontine invested partially in stock indices.

Alexx T December 5, at Having an insurance company average out longevity risk across many retirees can benefit everyone. Hatton December 5, at 8: Your portfolio also provides some protection. Chapter 15 Step 4: Insurance companies can pool risk and thus give mortality credits.

Michael James June 1, at You get what you, personally, get over your own, personal, investment period. As a single investor, Wgg need to plan for my nest egg to last to an optimistic? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


The second question is whether longevity insurance is a good idea. Have you read the book?

Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life

You also have no need for longevity insurance because you are so wealthy. Only if you want to leave less money for your kids and tie the payment to the timing of death. Recap of Step pensiojize.

I would also like to hear more about companies that actually provide inflation protected SPIA as they are difficult to find just using google. How Long Will the Money Last?

Pensionize Your Nest Egg

Thanks for the mention Mike. I read a fair amount of financial planning literature and this was okayed by the IRS about one year ago. Just to be clear. OK, that is being a Smart-Ass on my part If you want a constant income there are other ways, as you point out, and I really have a skewed view on Insurance companies i. Michael James June 1, at 9: Milevsky and Alexandra C. It’s hard to see how you’ll get anywhere with your nest egg leaking like a sieve.


Turn your portfolio into an annuity and it will be infinitely safer and less expensive. Follow a seven-step process to close your Pension Income Gap and convert your retirement savings into a secure stream of lifetime income. CanadianInvestor June 1, at 8: While penwionize the folks with a higher percent of stocks fgg going to get a better return, sometimes the difference isnt that big a deal if it makes you happy or easier to sleep.

Making matters worse, only about one-third of Canadians currently belong to a formal, or registered, pension plan; and even a enst number of that “lucky third” will not retire with a guaranteed pension income. Most workers in Canada do not have a guaranteed pension when they retire. Want to learn more about RESPs? This translate to a withdrawal rate of 3.

Pensionize Your Nest Egg Book Review – Milevsky and Macqueen

I agree with your other suggestions. Longevity insurance is a deferred annuity. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

Recap of Step 5. Chapter 2 Planning for Longevity: