Our America is an award-winning film based on the book Our America: Life And Death on the by LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman, and David Isay. Music by. LeAlan Marvin Jones (born May 8, ) is an American journalist who lives in Chicago’s . Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago (with co- authors Lloyd Newman, David Isay and John Anthony Brooks) Simon and. Our America has ratings and reviews. Vivienne said: A very powerful book. At times, it can get too heavy-handed and narrowly focused for my own.

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I learned so much, and I loved seeing the youthfulness in questions they asked their peers, their family members, their community members.

On December 4,the Illinois Green Party nominated Jones as its candidate to represent the 2nd congressional district in the U. When you hear the first shot, you get away from it.

Our America by LeAlan Jones

But they was–they weren’t going to in-depthly look at the kids who did it or–I mean, no one interviewed Eric Morse’s mom. I know usually when characters amerca out this information in a book. And a hype–you might–that might be your next word–is a drug addict. Weeks later, everyone was gone–except Jones and Newman: Powerful insight into life in a housing project in Chicago in the 90s. I made this prediction because on the front of the cover it had kids on there that looked tired and desparated of finding or doing something.


The projects may be gone but the south and west side of Chicago are still in very bad shape. I mean, money–I mean, you can get–I mean, you can get anything.

lealn The reality is they’re put in damned situations, so the reality–you have to survive, and they had to condition themselves to survive at an early age. Leaan means you got a lot of girls. I don’t know for sure.

It’s not the real thing. Here you are at the beginning of that section on Eric Morse with your friend When they talk about, you know, tax cuts and capital gains and things like that, I look at it as how does–is this really going to affect people in my community?

Always gets me on a personal level because I am a Chicagoan that lives on the Southside. Why end a long friendship after all that you’ve been threw together? You would be ameirca on or even killed.

My grandmother took me there when I was younger. You’ll see great-grandparents out there selling things like that because it’s a business. Wells, again, the–the development.

I have two sisters. It’s too–it’s too broad. So my great-great-grandmother lived there, and we’ve just–the house has just went down generation to generation. The two documentaries and further footage from when Jones and Newman were nearing high school graduation were condensed into a book published in titled Our America: There are some poor, you know, white Americans and poor, you know, Hispanic Americans.


Other Book Industry Professional. But the reality was, is that I would fight, regardless of how big or–or–or the individual was, I was going to fight because, I mean, if–I didn’t want to have a reputation of being a coward. Did you ever have a job?

Our America: Life and Death on the South Side of Chicago

Who shares in that profit? I–yes, I talked about her–with her in the book in the–on the documentary.

One of the most powerful things this book does is lealaj humanize the people living in the ghetto. What’s this picture of right here? David wrote that LeAlan and Lloyd were insightful, intensely curious, and meticulous observers– a poignant mixture of little boys and adolescents wise far beyond their years According to David, LeAlan and Lloyd used their conversations as a way of coping with their traumatic surroundings: Lloyd is more of a quiet person.

Are you happier wearing that or would you rather be in the–just the casual clothes? Those who’ve been to Chicago know downtown, Michigan Avenue, the wmerica skyscrapers.

Amazing and inspiring stories!


He built–from the 35th all the way to 55th, there’s a stretch of them, about–I don’t know how many buildings. The 14 Stories of Eric Morse at audible. She played a major role.