Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. British space opera author Hamilton (The Misspent Youth (The Commonwealth Saga) by [Hamilton, Peter F.]. Misspent Youth [Peter F. Hamilton, Steven Crossley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After decades of research, scientists of the. A gripping near-future novel by bestselling author Peter F. Hamilton. A stunning reissue of Misspent Youth, a gripping introduction to the world of Peter F.

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Even the main character’s major lifetime accomplishment, the one which garners all his current status, occurs before we meet him. One negative result of this overwhelmingly positive development is the death of almost all creative art that relies on media distribution.

Misspent Youth | Peter F Hamilton | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And so he became a massive celebrity It is forty years into the future and, following decades of research and trillions of euros spent on genetics, Europe is finally in a position to rejuvenate a human being.

Jeff undergoes a brand new technological breakthrough that renders him young again. After 18 months in a German medical facility, the year-old patient returns home looking like a healthy year-old. Other books in the series.

Misspent Youth

Lists with This Hqmilton. Ultimately, though, all this takes a backseat to the characters’ sexual escapades. Information literacy, including transliteracy, is becoming a larger and larger part of a librarian’s job, whether they actually teach it in a classroom or not. Because of this act, he is chosen as the candidate for the first use of rejuvenation technology which leaves him with the body of a young man.


Misspent Youth

Sep 09, Adam Burns rated it liked it. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. That said, this book is miespent, which to be candid is what I have come to expect from Mr. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean a dime to my enjoyment.

The two main characters in the story are Tim, and his father Jeff. Sure, there are some bits about interesting technology but it’s mostly about rich families being awful people. It certainly set an interesting premise for the Commonwealth Universe, which I’m very interested in.

Refresh and try again. Hamilton tells Jeff story from Tims angle, making this story Hamiltons strongest book to date. It’s what lifts Hamilton’s epics above the ordinary, making books that might otherwise be unbearably self-important and pretentious feel grounded in real and relatable human hopes and needs. Uouth society is shown as repressive and only nominally democratic. Hamilton is a British science fiction author. What do you get when you put a seventy year old man in a body that, is only a twenty three years old?

Apr 17, Brian Shelby rated it it was ok.

MISSPENT YOUTH by Peter F. Hamilton | Kirkus Reviews

For some reason, this novel kinda hit me harder than the previous two I had read, even though the official ratings on the other two were quite high. More for him than for us, at any rate. The real story is the rejuvenation story, but by telling it through Tim, we get a much better hxmilton of the dark side of the ultimate prize.

To sustain his sexual appetite, he starts popping Viagra by the handful, and only incidentally begins to youfh he’s destroying his marriage and his son. When I’m 70, I want to marry my son’s smoking hot girlfriend and screw her in my ex wife’s home with both of them present. It felt so cheap that I immediately closed the book and started another.


This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat It’s always worth it in the end, though. Hamilton describes the US edition as “noticeably different from the original.

There was a problem adding your email address. One thing is certain though, Tim is required to grow up in record time and while he mixspent up at times, he ends up well.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And by that I mean we have two techs put on a pedestal here. There are a few details liked to the …more It’s its own story, kind of a prequel, but a very missable one.

Not having a hard science bone in my body, made me think I wouldn’t understand the science in Science Fiction, so I stayed safely on the Fantasy side of things. The story is a presentation of the social and political hamioton of an United Europe around year and the relationship between the man who was the subject of I started reading this one first to catch a glimpse of the Commonwealth Universe, as it takes place years before the events in Pandora’s Star.

Hamilton for any reason, or SF as a whole, you can safely avoid it.