OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the therapeutic outcome of artificial total hip arthroplasty (THA) with collum femoris preserving for hip joint disease in young and. Neck of femur fractures (NOF) are common injuries sustained by older patients who are both more likely to have unsteadiness of gait and reduced bone mineral . femoral neck is intracapsular, bathed in synovial fluid; lacks periosteal % associated with femoral neck fractures; treat femoral neck first.

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Inverted triangle pattern with the inferior screw anterior to midline and adjacent to the calcar.

Garden Classification based on AP radiographs and does not consider lateral or sagittal plane alignment. Timing and type of fixation of ipsilateral femoral neck and shaft fractures. Significant complications such as avascular necrosis and non-union are very common without surgical intervention.

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Primer of diagnostic imaging. Explicit use of et al. Then the implant should be removed, following which the infection may clear up. The overwhelming majority coollum hip fractures occur in white individuals while blacks and Hispanics have a lower rate of them. The prognosis of untreated hip fractures is very poor. Rib fracture Sternal fracture.

Hip fracture

An axial load along the shaft of the femur results in compressive stress. Page Archived 5 November at the Wayback Machine. Trimalleolar fracture Bimalleolar fracture Pott’s fracture.


Unable to process the form. Frog leg views are to be avoided, as they may cause severe pain and further displace the fracture.

How important is this topic for clinical practice? Retrieved 1 May In 31 hips, 17 left hips and 14 right hips were involved. Her past medical history includes borderline hypertension and migraine headaches. What is the optimal treatment for this patient? Pain management may occur with opioids or a nerve block.

Hip fracture – Wikipedia

About Blog Go ad-free. Based on his risk factors, what is his most likely post operative mortality at two years after surgery? Whenever possible, early mobilization is advocated; otherwise, alternating pressure mattresses should be used. The Most Expensive Conditions by Payer, A current radiograph is shown in Figure A. The Ckllum films after operation and at last follow up showed good location of prosthesis and no bone resorption.

Archived from the original on 22 November At her latest clinic visit she reports severe right groin pain, and difficulty ambulating. The average age for suffering a hip fracture is 77 years old for women and 72 years old for men. The mechanism in young patients is predominantly axial loading during high force trauma 9with an abducted hip during injury causing a neck of femur fracture and an adducted hip causing a frmur fracture-dislocation.


Osteoarthritisavascular necrosis of the hipherniatrochanteric bursitis [3].

The excellent and good rate was Dollum from ” https: The majority of hip fractures are the result of a fall, particularly in the elderly. Additionally, there is some evidence to systems designed to offer protection in the case of a fall.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The classic clinical presentation of a hip fracture is fenur elderly patient who sustained a low-energy fall and now has groin pain and is unable to bear weight.

Regardless, the surgery is a major stress, particularly in the elderly. Prolonged immobilization and difficulty moving make it hard to avoid pressure sores on the sacrum and heels of patients with hip fractures.

Closed reduction may not be satisfactory and open reduction then becomes necessary. How important is this frakhur for board examinations?

Hip fractures are seen globally and are a serious concern at the individual and population level. This would normally include blood tests, ECG and chest x-ray. Epidemiology, risk factors, falls, energy absorption, hip protectors, and prevention”. Prognosis is varied but is complicated by advanced age, as hip fractures increase the risk of death and major morbidity in the elderly ,8.