View and Download Fostex VF supplement owner’s manual online. Additional functions on the new version. VF Voice Recorder pdf manual download. Operation manual, Digital multitracker, Optical • Read online or download PDF • Fostex VFEX User Manual. Fostex VFEX • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!.

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Recording System 24 hour time range in ABS time.

The Preroll function is convenient when you wish to monitor the audio data from a point slightly before the locate point. See pictures for complete details!

Fostex VFEX : Recording Equipment – Digital Multitracker User Manual

If you suspect so, please read the fpllowing explanations before requesting repairs. In such a case, try to carry out the same operation as described above. For details refer to the preceding page. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Never manuao solvents such as alcohol, thinner or benzene, since these will damage the printing and finish of the exterior. Both examples assume that 10 programs exist on the current drive. Controlling Effect Send Level Controlling Effect send level You can control send levels of channels 1 through 16 pre- or post-fader to the two internal A.

The display shows the screen for selecting the device from which the data is loaded. Effect parameter settings Here’s how to set the effect parameters. Select the program to be mixed down. The program fkstex currently selected flashes, while the data size of the program is shown. BPM delay effect parameters parameter type: Set the VC-8 or VM88 so it outputs adat digital signals.


They are very hard to find The following 28 effect types are preset for EFF 1. All channels are selected up to this point. Page of Go. The Preroll function is convenient when you wish to monitor the audio data from a point slightly before thelocate point. The display shows the screen for selecting the Setup menu. The VFEX will startup. Controlling fader levels You can control fader levels for channels 1 through 16 and the master channel while viewing the numeric values.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. By selecting a program, you can start chain play from the desired step in the chain play list.

Fostex VF-160 Manuals

I want to try recording a musical instrument. Don’t have an account?

Device family code 13, Locating An Event Memory This allows speedy voice editing in a nonlinear and nondestructive manner in track units. Recording To One Track If the VFEX knows that the available space gets smaller than the data size of the next track, it will change the disc when the data save of the current track is completed.

The Drive Format Information You cannot save more than one program data even if there are enough disc space. Shipping includes USPS mail with online tracking So checkthe cable connection and the digital output mamual ofthe external digital device. Because all the tracks loaded take part in the same program, you have to select a track within the program. In addition to these typical Reverbs, the VF provides not only various practical algorithms such as Delay, Cho- rus, Flanger and Pitch Foshex, but some combinations of these are also available, e.


Track Exchange This feature is convenient to use fodtex recording with all G and H [INPUT] jacks that can be connected with a condenser mic or balanced output, for example. You will need an external scsi drive or install hard drive fostez record. It is possibleto output a metronome sound, according to the setting of the tempo map. In the following description, we assumes that you aregoing to mixdown all program tracks 1 through 16 on which instruments or vocals are recorded, andheadphones for monitoring are connected to the[PHONES] jack.

It is not possible to apply equalization or ef- fect on the signals recorded. Details fsotex described later. However, please only use hard disks that Fostex recommends.

FOSTEX VF RECORDER original factory owner’s manual | eBay

However, you can save a program data to manuwl than one disc if the data amount is larger than a disc space. Mmc Command List In such a case, select a program that can be replaced with the WAV file loaded without causing the disc space shortage, or delete unnecessary programs by the “delete PGM” menu in the Setup mode.

See the following description for each operation about details. Select the program to be mixed down. Mmc Command List Channel Mute And Solo Function The VF will startup.