John Anthony Ciardi was an Italian-American poet, translator, and etymologist. While primarily known as a poet, he also translated Dante’s Divine Comedy. The Paperback of the The Divine Comedy: The Inferno, The and The Paradiso (John Ciardi Translation) by Dante Alighieri at Barnes & Noble. : The Divine Comedy. Stock Image. The Divine Comedy: Dante Alighieri, John Ciardi (Translator) zoom_in. Stock Image. Quantity Available: 1.

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Returning to my theme, I say ciardu came to the foot of a Great Tower; but long before we reached it through the marsh, two horns of flame flared from the summit, one from either side, and then, far off, so far we scarce could see it 5 across the mist, another flame replied.

Oh how time hangs and drags till our aid comes! But it can do so only when it is as faithful to the self-logic of the violin as it is to the self-logic of the piano. In Dante’s time their place in scholarship more or less corresponded to the role of the theoretician and historian of science in our universities.

Dante probably meant both. All Dante’s characters have perfected their destinies; their personalities have ciiardi, have accomplished what Aristotle terms their entelechies, the perfection reached with the exhaustion of a particular potential.

Ciardk love of her, he agreed to desert the Greeks and to join the Trojans, but when he went to the temple for the wedding according to the legend Dante has followed he was killed by Paris.

Italian, to an extent unknown in America, is a language of dialects, all of them readily identifiable even when they are not well understood by the hearer. Here sighs and cries and wails coiled and recoiled on the starless air, spilling my soul to tears. How, then, may I presume to this high quest and not fear my own brashness? Augustine and other Ciatdi of the Church, to Averroes, St.

And so at last we came 1 30 to the foot of a Great Tower that has no name. Just as a swimmer, who with his last breath flounders ashore from perilous seas, might turn to memorize the wide water of his death — so did I turn, my soul still fugitive 25 from death’s surviving image, to stare down that pass that none had ever left alive.


The law of Dante’s Hell is the law of symbolic retribution. Nor am I lost in this alone; all these you see about you in this painful death have wallowed in the same indecencies. Here you shall pass among the fallen people, souls who have lost the good of intellect.

Poetry Daily Prose Feature

Dante is obviously constructing poetically the perfect Easter as a symbol of his new awakening. What sweetest thoughts, what green and young desire 1 1 led these two lovers to this sorry pass. And he turned me about 55 himself, and would not trust my hands alone, but, with his placed on mine, held my eyes shut. Zappulla’s scholarship seems sturdier, less chatty, and on the whole more dependable, with an inevitability that is satisfying if you read the notes only for information. The event would, accord- ingly, have occurred in a.

Most commentators take this to mean the allegory of the Three Furies, but the lines apply as aptly to the allegory that follows. The notes are incredibly extensive the books are more notes than poemand for a first read, I’d almost say there’s a but too much. He is the ferryman of dead souls across the Acheron in all classical mythology. When next they pass, call to them in the name of love that drives and damns them here.

Death-pale, the Poet spoke: He pays them off again in the Paradiso when he has Cacciaguida Kah-tchah-GWEE-da call them “The insolent gang that makes it- self a dragon to chase those who run away, but is sweet as a lamb to any who show their teeth — or their purse. Why do you lag? Within the Sixth Circle are punished the Heretics. He concluded with the following prophetic words, referring to the new language as ” Their birth fell before the age of the Christian mysteries, and so they did not worship God’s Trinity in fullest duty.


His choices are directed by a familiarity with and a fidelity to Dante’s prosodic designs and may have led him to take liberties—and this is a liberty. Caught by surprise, I turned in fear and drew close to my Guide. I found myself before a little hill 1 5 and lifted up my eyes. It must be noted, however, that Dante means by “heretic” specifi- cally those skeptics who deny the soul’s immortality.

Part of the blame rested on the Empire for neglecting its duties, but the larger share fell on the Papacy. With so many versions around to pick from its kind of hard to decide which one would be the best.

For you are my true master and first author, the sole maker from whom I drew the breath of that sweet style whose measures have brought me honor.

His translation of The Inferno was published in But the stars that marked our starting fall away. By the end of the thirteenth century that strife had passed. Cries of anguish sound endlessly from divije entombed dead. It turns out that it is a Longfellow translation.

Whence comes the Comedy ‘s weird, unsettling matter-of-factness, as if human language could reach the level of the divine.

The Divine Comedy

Beware of the man with just one book. Her name in Italian inevitably suggests “luce” lightand she is the patron saint of eyesight. The fact that he pulls it off has made us forget how little he had coming in—a fact that the Hollanders’ alone among the translations under review here seem either alert to or capable of reporting at length and the note goes on for another two paragraphs. I haven’t read Musa’s translation. Giovanni Malatesta was still alive at the writing.