We present a case of Meckel diverticulitis in a boy of 7 years old, diagnosed by ultrasound and documented by surgery. We review the literature about the. Diagnóstico endoscópico de una invaginación por divertículo de Meckel. Article in Gastroenterology 34(9) · November with 3 Reads. El divertículo de Meckel se ha de considerar en el diagnóstico diferencial del dolor abdominal y la hemorragia digestiva baja, especialmente en la infancia.

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This saccualar structure had cm length Fig. The exploration of the abdominal cavity revealed no other relevant findings.

Abdominal X-ray with air fluid levels in the small bowel and paucity of gas in the colon is very typical. We present the case of a year-old male with medical history of umbilical hernial surgery, who was admitted to the emergency department with a one-day history of intense epigastric pain.

Initially, a fecaloid mass obstructs the diverticulum leading to inflammation, necrosis and eventual perforation. The diagnosis must be considered in any patient with unexplained abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or gastrointestinal bleeding 5.

Meckel’s diverticulum; Peritonitis; Abdomen, acute source: The procedures followed comply with the ethical standards of the human experimentation committee responsible and are in accordance with the World Medical Association and the Declaration of Helsinki.

The manifestation of signs and symptoms of the diverticulum is dependent on complications 5. Burjonrappa S, Khaing P. Perforation is mfckel rare complication may be caused by diverticulitis, trauma, ulceration, tumor or strange body 8.

Divertículo de Meckel gigante torsionado: una presentación inusual

This last has less complication rates in relation to wound infection, mechanical ileus or stenosis 8. In adults, intestinal obstruction is more common clinical presentation, from intussusception mechanisms, volvo, enterocolitos or fitobezoares. Although ds complication has been reported, to the best of our knowledge this extreme size of MD has not been described previously, and that caused the atypical presentation.


In the other one third, surgical therapy is mandatory [11]. We report a patient with diffuse peritonitis due to perforation of Meckel’s diverticulum.

Absence of gas elimination flatulance and feces over the same period. Found a Meckel’s diverticulum drilled in antimesenteric border of the terminal ileum, 60 cm from the ileocecal valve Figura 1Figura 2 and Figura 3.

Diagnosis by computed tomography is cited in the literature as infrequent. He was discharged on day 10 without further complications.

Therefore, the other group of internal hernias due to congenital anomalies foramen of Winslow, supravesical, mesenteric, etc.

Color Doppler of Meckel’s diverticulum: report of two cases

A case report and review of the literature. In asymptomatic patients resection of the diverticulum or ileal segment that contains has been advocated in most studies, in that strategies to determine the risk factors age, sex, diverticulum length proved ineffective in decision remove prophylactically or not ds diverticulum.

Meckel’s diverticulum is the most common congenital anomaly of the small bowel and is caused by the incomplete obliteration of the omphalomesenteric duct during the eighth week of gestation. The MD was resected including the 5 cm surrounding intestinal loop, also ischemic, and an end-to end manual anastomosis was performed.

The management of diverticulosis of the small bowel; in DeFrancesco K ed: This is a true diverticulum which is located on the anti-mesenteric border of the ileum, usually about cm ileocecal valve 3. Giant Meckel’s diverticulum torsioned. Rev Esp Enferm Dig df And the risk of complications is 4. We report the case of a year-old male who presented to the emergency department with epigastric pain, vomiting, and abdominal distension.


Intestinal Obstruction by Giant Meckel’s Diverticulum.

The abdomen had no palpable hernias, was distended with diffuse pain on palpation, and had no signs of peritonitis. The size is variable, but is defined as a giant when it exceeds 5 cm in length 5.

With the suspicion of intestinal ischemia secondary to internal hernia, the patient was transferred to the operating room. Clinically, he had a high intestinal obstruction without any mechanical cause on computed tomography scan. Surgical resection of the affected intestinal segment is the mainstay of treatment in both diverticula diagnosed incidentally, as the complicated by inflammation, bleeding, obstruction or perforation.

J Gastrointest Liver Dis ; Axial torsion of a MD is a rare complication. Small bowel obstruction; in Ferri F ed: Otoch 2Fernanda Kreve 1Francisco S. Journal of Medical Case Reports ;5: A median laparotomy was proposed.

After hemodynamic stabilization, we indicated surgical intervention. We report the case of a year-old male who presented to the emergency department with epigastric pain, vomiting, and abdominal distension. Meckel’s diverticulum with diffuse inflammatory reaction and local drilling without ectopic mucosa findings.

Some authors preferred the resection of intestinal loop containing the MD, although other performed a simple diverticulectomy. J Indian Med Assoc. Gangrene of Meckel’s diverticulum secondary to axial torsion: A median laparotomy was proposed.