DECRETO 4369 DE 2006 PDF

Trabajo Asociado, Decreto Número de , as published in Diario Oficial no. 46, .. See also Decreto de , Article Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Decreto , de 4 de Deciembre de (Ag Document). Added on: Thu, 10/ 03/ – Subscribe to Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour .

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In addition to the provisions of the Public Service Act, provides for a written examination for the candidates to be employed in the Public Service during Endows law enforcement officers with the right to inspect premises, vehicles and documents and spells out penalties decdeto the event of infringement. Provides, inter alia, for the creation of a “Public Service Commision”; the structure of the public sector; recruitment, promotion, transfer, resignation, duties, obligations and rights of Public Servants; fundamental rights of public officers, freedom of expression and freedom of association s.

Article 6 amends article 30 by deleting deecreto phrase “or decree” from paragraph b’ of the 1st phrase. Provides for a system of forest management and administration, protection of forest, and planning in planting, forestation and logging. Temporary personnel shall be hired under a short or a long term contract to cover seasonal or any urgent and unpredictable needs.

Article 3 amends the wording of the 4th phrase of article 28A. Article 15, determines the present Law’s date of entry into force as of the 1st January Articles 2 and 3 of the present Law amend the wording of article 3, 1st phrase and of article 5, by extending the time set in the respective provisions “” until ” and ” and “”, respectively.

Numerous amendments concerning eligibility to old age benefit in the event of service in Greece or occuppied areas. Article 4 determines the calculation of pension benefits.

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Organization and management Chapter III: Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Edcreto of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page. Replaces sub-para 2 with 0206 new sub-para concerning the procedure of applications submission by citizens of EU member states and a new sub-para 3 concerning the evaluation of applications by the Council. Article 8 regulates the review of the applications.


In such cases the candidate shall be considered to have been appointed since 25 January It introduces a new article 44A related to the mandatory retirement of special police officer and the process of retirement.

Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour”

Article 3 introduces and sets the conditions for the prohibition of filling of vacancies. Article 2 of the present Law amends article 6 by adding new paragraph e worded as follows: Article 8 regulates the readmission of an employee into the Service.

Provides 2060 of “faculty and research staff” and of “law”.

Article 3 defines the purpose and the scope of application of the present Law. Article 7 replaces 2nd phrase of article 18, regarding the compensation due to every employee who consents to work during the bank holidays set out in article 16 and on Sunday as part of the weekly rest, according to article Law I ofregulating access to private sector by former public sector officers.

Defines the following notions: Duration of Employment Article Stipulates that a factory worker may apply for retirement at 55 years of age voluntary retirement and must retire at 60 mandatory retirement. Article 6 amends article 11, by amending the 1st phrase with regard to the reference to the pertinent Indexes of the Law, according to the age limit of the obligatory termination of service; by supplementing the 4th phrase, to include the employee who voluntarily relinquishes early or retires from the service, and by deleting phrases 2 and 3.

From 1 Januarywages are to be increased by another 2 per cent and the minimum raise is 44 pounds per year. Article 12 provides for the maintenance of the Registry. Amended article 8B concerns the case of teachers leaving their employment to work in another public service or organization. The purpose of this Law is to establish a system of military ranks in the Chinese armed forces.

Article 13 regulates the retirement benefits of the new entrants to employment. Adds article 4B concerning the determination of competences of the Director of Ministry.

Resources belonging to category “seasonal labour” | Digital Library

Article 4 amends 2nd phrase of article 9, by replacing paragraph a with new one, concerning the age of the obligatory termination of service of police members and by 20006 the age limit, in paragraph bfrom 60 to 58 years old, and decrefo the 2nd reservation of paragraph bfrom 59 to 58 years old. Provides regulations concerning payment of retirement benefits. Categories of motorised vehicless for public use are as follows: This percentage is to be collected and paid to employees every three months by the hotel owner.


Article 8 introduces taxation for the lump sum and for any bonus gained on duty from the 1st January onwards.

Also amends dd 13, 16, 17 and Ordinary officers and policemen under the age of forty serving in special forces at the date of entry into force of this Act shall have the right to be candidates for registration or appointment to the Force.

Amends Act concerning defendants, disabled, disappeared, prisoners and their professional future.

Article 9 specifies the mandatory retirement age. Article 6 amends article 17 by replacing the 2nd phrase with a new one related to the penalization and the sanction imposed deceto shop owners in case of non compliance with or breach of the 1st phrase of the article and by adding, after 2nd phrase, the following new phrases: Provides for the retroactive force of regulations issued in accordance with this article.

Article 3 sets the date into force of the Law and stipulates the retroactive effect of paragraph a of article 2 decrero the present Law. Provides for the requirements and for the qualifications of candidates and special provisions concerning hierarchy and pension matters. Amends article 13 of the Law concerning social security issues of police officers, as well as article 19 concerning the replacements of police officers.

Stipulates the supervisory measures as well as the role of the inspectors, and determines the methods of establishing driving hours and rest periods. Includes provisions on jurisdiction, extradition and international cooperation.