option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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You can make multiple lodgments of fkx BJ. A good compliance history is generally one where you: When processing commences, the report will update with all lodgments received.

However, there may be aspects of call handling that require improvement. Examples of inaccurate information on the ATO Portals include: The ATO, professional associations and software developers will continue to work together on improvements to the portal and practice management software.

The portal is showing fkd registered clients as not having lodged tax returns for financial years prior to the year they registered. There is a fc risk that issues may remain unaddressed if there is insufficient clarity on the roles undertaken by the ATO and software providers in discharging their respective responsibilities in addressing tax practitioner lodgment issues. In effect, this means the following can be lodged through the ELS: All amendment vkc lodged as departmental errors are checked and if they do not fit the criteria, they are finalised within client error processing standards.

Ensure your client gives you details of their current passport number in addition to any old passport numbers that may have been used previously to access DASP. ABN updates new role registrations updates of client fic to other systems. Indirect taxes four-year period of review A four-year time limit applies to claiming a refund or credit for indirect taxes. Download the HTML version of the report for pre-filling.


Remission of penalties

Correspondence preferences will not affect activity statements that are sent electronically to the taxpayer or through the ELS to you. Send this schedule, together with a paper company tax return, to the postal address for lodgment in the company tax return instructions.

These details can be obtained: Account information for business clients Account information atk personal clients Activity statements Debt and payment Lodgment Practice administration Registration Tax law and advice Letters — alternative phone service See also: Ensure that you have the latest version of Java.

Our processing system is accurately showing that these returns are not necessary and no lodgment demand letter will be issued. Not all types of activity statement forms we issue can be lodged through the ELS.

Information will be easier to find and understand with improved menus and examples where required. The client will need to contact the ATO directly. Refer to the Browser settings for viewing and printing on how to update your settings. Technical Helpdesk External Link — for assistance with technical log-on, connection, firewall and virtual private network VPN issues.

Historic spouse details gkc still display via portals due to how this information was previously captured by ATO systems.

Then, attempt to lodge the return again. As a result, many tax practitioners opted not to use the service for technical assistance and limited use to simple administrative or system queries, such as interest and ati remissions and setting up payment arrangements.

The Family trust election, revocation or variation and Interposed entity election or revocation can be lodged either as a:. You must complete the Individual payment summary schedule if your client receives one of the following:.


Chapter 4: ATO’s tax practitioner services | Inspector-General of Taxation

A key component of these ATO initiatives is to improve the skill level of call centre operators. Floorwalkers are expected to roam and observe CSR behaviours — including call management techniques and system navigation methods. However, the IGT is of the view that the current POI requirements are onerous because they require tax practitioners to recall detailed information about the client. For many day-to-day activities, such methods of communication are less efficient and impose additional costs on the ATO and tax practitioners alike.

Historical details held and displayed by the ATO are not updated. However, you fic still be required to indicate on the individual return form if there has been a name change since completing the last return. The direct debit request form must be signed by your client and submitted by: This means that the AUSkey Java plug-in will not fkx and causes the following issues: Vkc leaders will work with their peers and Assistant Directors to address broader issues within the site.

Troubleshooting for businesses and tax practitioners | Australian Taxation Office

Natural disaster rkc for registered agents. To lodge these forms PLS must be used. You will not be able to lodge these returns through the ELS if the following tags are not included in the return file:.