Read Seawitch by Alistair MacLean by Alistair MacLean by Alistair MacLean for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. “Here’s the latest spellbinding thriller from Alistair Maclean – about an enormous, sophisticated, moble oil rig called the Seawitch, anchored off the American. Seawitch by Alistair Maclean (). To wincing observers his modus operandi seemed nothing short of Draconian, but Cronkite would.

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Out of the whole novel, I liked just one such jokey sentence, for seawitcg cartoon brio: Simple plot, fast paced and easily readable and predictable: Step in two discredited, but obviously superb ex-policemen, who are in love with the two daughters and who come up with a plot to get them back and foil the bad guys.

Seawitch by Alistair Maclean (1977)

Apr 09, Michael rated it did not like it. Sep 11, Alistaire King rated it really liked it.

Roomer straightened from the key-hole of the main door of the armoury and reluctantly pocketed msclean very large set of keys for the carrying of which any ill-disposed law officer could have had him behind bars without any need for a warrant. Deja-viewing for only the most megatonically-minded. Government agent John Deakin poses as a wanted criminal in order to foil a gang smuggling guns to Injuns in the Rockies and planning to steal government gold in return.

The book was a best seller. Picked up the habit from my father. Seawitch is a novel written by the Scottish author Alistair MacLean. Reads a lot like a action movie script with poor characterization and dialog. May 07, Chris rated it it was ok.

Posted by Simon on May 4, https: His love interest is macean and flat and silly, and just a tad whiny. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They were, understandably, not unguarded… p. I’ve heard good things about MacLean’s books but even at the halfway point in this book I just wasn’t engaging with the plot or the characters.


One man knows this: Why is it very damp? I read lots of MacLean during my teens. Leave a comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All human subtlety has disappeared.

This seems to involve getting trapped on the oilrig, being shot and seawifch killing off quite a lot of people. Unlike some later MacLean books this had, as Elvis would say, a little less conversation a little more action.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. In the later s and throughout the s MacLean was one of the most successful writers in the world, forced into tax exile in Switzerland by the fortune his fast-paced thrillers and their movie adaptations earned him.

Now, he cares for only two things – Seawitch and his two alistaig daughters. Grenades and Schmeiser submachineguns roar back and forth on the concrete rig while rival helicopters and submersibles rattle sabres at each other. Derek is still active and has a blog with a potted biography, some wonderful underwater shots and links to numerous other sites which feature his great photos.

Seawitch by Alistair MacLean

The characters are stock, straight from central casting: Lord Worth, ruthless and fabulously wealthy, has made a lot of enemies in the oil business. His new offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexiconamed Seawitchis one of the biggest in the world, and will wlistair his competitors out of business.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Views Read Edit View history. Oct 29, George K. May 10, Catyj rated it liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet. They set a rough, tough rogue of a man onto him, who alietair the off totally ignores their orders that there should be no violence.


Seawitch by Alistair Maclean () | Books & Boots

alustair Then I realized that no, the author actually intended to wrap up the entire book’s plot with a five page climax. Posted in BooksNovelThriller. Lord Worth, predatory and ruthless, has clawed his way to great wealth. Basically, a sezwitch of rich and powerful oil magnates assorted Americans, Russians and Cubans decide to gang up on another rich and powerful oil magnate who happens to be British who is getting too rich and powerful.

After the war he gained an English Honours degree at Glasgow University, and became a schoolmaster.

Characters are one-dimensional, plot stretches credulity at several points, and I honestly thought my ebook was corrupted and missing a few pages. I can’t say that this was my favourite MacLean novel – it sort of felt a bit of mess, with chapters jumping between different viewpoints and lots of characters for such a short novel. Published September 5th by HarperCollins first published And never read this.

The trashy mindset anticipates Dallas first episode May ie in development when this novel was published or Dynasty first ep. They decide to get rid of the threat that he is to their own oil ventures by any means possible, and it’s up to the two loyal friends to keep the millionaire, and his daughters, safe. John The tale of murder and revenge set on a remote oil rig, from the acclaimed master of action and suspense. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Scoffield was a large, rubicund, smiling man, the easy-going essence of good nature.