All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this manual may be reproduced or This manual is available through Aldelo, LP and resellers worldwide. Please. This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. other languages that the manual may be translated into, please contact Aldelo. Aldelo User Manual Download, The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Download your manual today.

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The Server deployment is always the same as Single System Deployment described above.

No association with any real company, organization, product, logo, person, place or event is intended or should be inferred. If you are a third party solution integrator, then XML will be of an interest since all transaction response messages are delivered in XML formats.

Processing networks usually access non qualification fees if merchants do not close their batch within 24 hours, therefore, we recommend all merchants close their batch at end of their business date or pick a time to close their batch on regular basis. Please contact your local ISP or network administrator for more details.

NET described next for printing needs within the client application. No part of the contents of this book may be reproduced manial transmitted in any form or by any means without the written permissions of the publisher. This option installs the Client Component, the Server Component.

You will then be prompted to enter a password, enter the Card Encryption Password to continue. Aldelo EDC enables merchants achieve simplified, reliable, and secured payment acceptance. Alternatively, user may also manually associate ASP. All of the payment processing and utility methods are encapsulated manuall a web service called EDC.


Which merchant service provider offers the best service and rates? NET is part of. In recent years, a new breed of payment acceptance technologies has emerged. NET Framework is installed. The Client side of Aldelo EDC is a Windows client application used for setup, testing, batching, reporting, manual payment transactions, and other tasks.

To setup a new merchant account, follow the steps below. Please contact the merchant service providers directly for rate comparisons. Next, this chapter moves on to system requirements analysis and planning details.

The advantages of Mmanual Deployed Payment Middleware are ease of deployment, multiple processor choices, and ease of troubleshooting by isolating problems within the store for faster problem resolution. You zldelo always come back to this page to change more settings once you have the initial ones done.

Each computer running Aldelo EDC must be activated before wldelo live.

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Pause Button

Once this wizard completes, you will be asked to login with the new administrator account created from the wizard. This allows EDC administrators to manually adjust gratuity in case the need arises. Please contact the certified merchant service providers for details.

For further information about other languages that the manual may be translated in, please contact Aldelo Systems Inc. The graphical display board or integrated circuits to generate video output to a PC. Aldelo EDC also stands out in term of the extensive built-in security features, simple integration, reliable transaction processing and storage, as well as easy to understand reports.


Depending on what merchant provider you have setup in Aldelo EDC, the software will launch a browser window and take you to their login screen manuzl access your account online.

Installation Setup

This gives you the ability to catch possible problems before it is too late. We also recommend leaving the default Connect Time Out and Response Time Out to as this should be sufficient for the supported merchant service providers.

In the Store Settings screen, the Bold fields are required.

If you use this feature, you must not turn off the computer hosting Aldelo EDC Server and Client components, as well as the database. This will bring up a blank Merchant Account. There are numerous software based payment solutions in the market and most will fall under one of the two categories. The use of this tool is limited to Aldelo Technical Staff and is password protected.

License Activation is optional and may be deferred to a later time before going live. Plus, broadband Internet always out perform dial up payment transaction speed. IIS may not be automatically installed during initial operating system setup. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

mmanual However, if you have a firewall, then you will need to open port 80 for HTTP. To export and import data from your database, follow the steps below Export 1.